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How SPaaS Revolutionized Coworking Space Culture in Saltlake Kolkata?

coworking space in Saltlake Kolkata

How SPaaS Revolutionized Coworking Space Culture in Saltlake Kolkata?

Structural changes in commercial real estate are inevitable, especially in the cities where space & location is prime obligation. The introduction of the SPaaS aka Space-as-a-service has changed the culture of rent collection and dependency. In other words, coworking space in Saltlake Kolkata turned upside down the shared office space culture.

The USP of the SPaaS is that it has automated necessary functions of the office such as space form and function, lease terms, etc. Technology has played a pivotal role in reshaping the real estate market.

So, have you think ever why SPaaS has been embraced by most of the users in the current scenario. The primary reason is that people are looking for a unique combination of technology and data-driven services that can offer a flexible work environment. Further, it promotes the core values of the business too.

Top Reasons to Adopt SPaaS

Here in the next few paragraphs, we will discuss why worldwide business houses are adopting the SPaaS. 

Improving Property Management Scope

SPaaS has played an instrumental role in revolutionizing the property management and the job profile of property managers as pointed out by a PR working in a coworking space in Saltlake Kolkata. SPaaS made the property managers responsible for enhancing the office space experience including interior decor, social events, daycare centers, and concierge services. 

The best thing is that young people are more attracted to this as it allows them to focus on the core business without being burdened with the issues of lease or ownership.

Reducing Operational Cost

Rising operational costs are a matter of concern for the players in the real estate sector. Business players are trying hard to shed off the excess burden of operating costs. 

Hence, for this community, SPaaS offers a ray of hope as it allows to share the space and reduce the operational costs. So, the companies don’t require to maintain office regularly and they can use the office space only when needed.

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Improved Productivity

What improves productivity? Frankly speaking, operating on flexible terms helps a lot in increasing productivity. A member of a coworking space in Saltlake Kolkata rightly mentioned that when it comes to coworking or shared office space, flexibility plays an important role.

Hence, modern businesses are more focused on improving the productivity of their employees. So, they tend to move towards the shared office spaces.

Leverage the Best Location 

Location is a key aspect for any business house. Getting a space in a primary location can be challenging if you are new in that city or a start-up that deals with funding.  

On the other hand, coworking helps you get the office in the heart of the location, and that is even within your budget. It’s possible only because of SPaaS. Coworking spaces allow you to pay only for the space you use and that is also at the premium locations.

Concluding Thoughts

Over in this post, you have seen how space-as-a-service has revolutionized the whole commercial real estate market. For the last few years, Workinests has also changed the model of coworking space in Saltlake Kolkata through its revolutionary services. 

There is no doubt that SPaaS is going to be the future of modern-day office space solutions. If you want to be a part of this vibrant community too, get in touch with us today.