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How A Coworking Space in Kolkata Can Play Important Role in the Post Covid Era?

coworking space in Kolkata

How A Coworking Space in Kolkata Can Play Important Role in the Post Covid Era?

Covid-19 has changed the conception of the ways we work in the pre covid era. Coworking environment and sharing lunch have become a remote concept. Work from Home is not a special case scenario nowadays. But in that way, several instances of lack of coordination have been seen while workforces are doing WFH as a member of a coworking space in Kolkata rightly mentioned.

Further, staying at home is not a solution as it can crush the economy completely. However, in such a situation coworking space can play an important role in both the revival of the economy and offering a safe environment for the people. 

The current post highlights the different reasons why coworking becomes important in the post covid19 era.

Role of Coworking Space in Kolkata in the Post Covid Era

Remote Workers Need a Space 

It’s true that large corporates are pushing employees to do remote work but everyone doesn’t have the infrastructure for the same. Hence, what about this huge remote workforce? Coworking spaces can be a great option for them.

Further, several companies are looking for remote workers in different locations. They are even ready to pay for the settlement. Hence, in this situation, shared office spaces can come up as a perfect alternative.

Best For Small Business

Small & local businesses are a few of the sectors which faced the wrath of covid lockdown. Hence, a coworking space in Kolkata can be crucial support for small businesses, entrepreneurs & sole proprietors. 

Buying a new space in the current turmoil situation can be a risky decision. Hence, paying for only the members you want can be the best decision in favor of your business. Furthermore, shared office spaces offer you scalability, i.e: you can increase or reduce the number of seats as per your requirements.

Regular Cleaning & Sanitizing

Almost it is impossible for small businesses to appoint a person for regular cleaning and sanitization. On the other hand, most of the coworking spaces keep dedicated cleaners or agencies for the job. Hence, when it comes to safety, coworking spaces have a better edge over privately-owned spaces.


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Further, it’s almost impossible to maintain social distancing while you are working in your own setup. But, if you are in a coworking space, the headache is of the space owner which you have taken on lease. 

Large Companies Are interested in Coworking Spaces

Covid19 has a large influence on the economy, which made the large companies opt for coworking space in Kolkata to avoid long-term capital expenditure. 

Large companies are applying the hub & spoke model where they have a central office in a specific location and small satellite offices in different cities or parts of the country. It goes fine with the hybrid working model which is scalable & economical for large companies. 

Physical Office Spaces are still Relevant

Covid has changed the thought process in a large way. Work from home has now become a part of regular officing. However, it doesn’t mean that physical offices have lost their relevance. Even the conventional occupiers are seeing merit in coworking and shared offices nowadays. 

The natural flexibility and inherent readiness add value to it and are positioned to adapt and redefine the future of the workspace.


With changing environment, coworking has also gone through several changes and in the coming times, it will. Better customization always provides a better working environment for the companies, which will make the coworking space the most viable option in the near future.

So, if you are looking out for such a smart and affordable coworking space in Kolkata, get in touch with us now.