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Coworking Spaces Kolkata: How Can It Attract Business Travelers?

Coworking space kolkata

Coworking Spaces Kolkata: How Can It Attract Business Travelers?

Do you know that business travel is predicted to touch 1.8 trillion by 2022? With the remote work is in the surge, more people in the business community are traveling for business and work than before. A founding member of one of the best coworking spaces Kolkata quoted that often business travelers prefer furnished workspaces over a coffee shop or restaurant to meet their clients in the cities where they don’t have any establishments. 

The reasons are simple. 

Coworking spaces are professional & help to increase productivity. Hence, business travelers prefer coworking spaces over other non-conventional setups.

Let’s see in the next few paragraphs how coworking spaces can offer lucrative opportunities to business travelers.

How coworking spaces Kolkata can add value to business travelers?

Benefits of Day Passes

One of the biggest benefits that attract business travelers to the coworking spaces is the day pass introduced by most of the coworking spaces. 

What is a Day Pass?

A day pass is an entry pass for the non-members for a single day. However, You can buy day passes for a couple of days as often you receive discounts on bulk buying of day passes.

Furthermore, day passes are economical compared to hiring or renting an office space. In addition to that, you can scale up to a conference room or a meeting room as per your needs. 

Why Day Pass for Coworking Space is a Good Choice?

The reason is simple. Often, before any client meet you need a preparation time. Hence, prior to booking a meeting room, you can go buy day passes at any coworking spaces Kolkata. It will cut down your cost while you are traveling for business.

However, still, there’s a question that will remain. Can Day Pass solve all the problems?

Membership Program Enrollment

But what about when the same person needs to visit multiple times to the city for the client meets. Buying day passes may not be a suitable option for them.

Hence, it’s better to enroll yourself in the membership program. Besides, being an economical option it also helps you secure a fixed seat inside the coworking space.

Further, the coworking space companies often have multiple locations establishments. Once you get a membership, often they allow you to use different locations too. Overall getting a membership for coworking spaces Kolkata can help you to have a virtual and physical presence in the city without investing a huge sum of money.

Easy Settlement Process

Now the final question comes that what about when you finished the project in a specific city? In the case of tenancy, you need to pay a certain amount till the agreement period. Further, you need to sell off all the inventories and types of pieces of furniture. 

However, in the case of coworking, it’s nothing like that. The reason is that you are taking the membership for a specific period of a fully furnished place. Unless you are in no need to renew it, you can simply settle your payment and leave the place.

The easy settlement gives you mobility, which is essential for business travelers.

Concluding Words: Why Worknests?

Leverage working at your dream coworking spaces Kolkata while freeing up your time to focus on your core business. Worknests offers you a vibrant coworking space for businesses & professionals to work, connect, collaborate & feel inspired by each other.

If you are traveling soon to Kolkata for business, get in touch with us now.